Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cardin McKinney

Cardin McKinney Top 12 American Idol

Cardin McKinney didn't advanced in American Idol's competition into the Top 24. Cardin McKinney was among the darlings and easily advanced the spot in the Top 24 American Idol broadcast, however it wasn't to be so.

The following leg for Cardin McKinney would have been the weekly stages preceding to American Idol's Top 12. Contrary to former American Idol weeks, these are voted on by you the spectator, not decided by the judges. No one questions that Cardin McKinney had what it took to arrive at the American Idol big top 24. All that stood in Cardin McKinney's way is a hapless performance or miserable song selection, or possibly even a sorry night by the Judges. We feel she got shorted by the judges.

Cardin McKinney had a bank of songs to decide from. Even so, as we've ascertained in the past times, a few American Idol wannabees do a miserable job of deciding songs and this could have been Cardin McKinney's ruination on the American Idol stage although most people I talked too liked her song choices.

Cardin McKinney will need the fluent yet potent vocalisation to assist advancement in the contest, to be sure. And let’s face it. In that respect there have been American Idol challengers in the past who’ve got in a long ways in the compeition that was not as gifted as Cardin McKinney. But we completely know that sometimes it is not the most gifted that advance to the final 12 in American Idol contest, occasionally it’s nothing more than a local darling getting their hometown (or home state or home nation…read Sanjiya) to vote for them.

Cardin McKinney has what it takes to make it to the Top 3 in the American Idol competition, the only question mark at this time is can it be done with a fickle crowd and can the song choices and performances go off without a hitch?

We’ll just have to turn on American Idol and watch American Idol every week to see if Cardin McKinney shows back up on American Idol.